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Helen Granger


I can See That...

Visualizing is my core competency. I am able to extrapolate a visual representation, in a concrete way, from a verbal or written description. This comes in handy in many ways. I am able to listen to a client’s needs and desires for a design or a website and “see” what they are describing. Often I can council them on visual choices even before any graphics are prepared. It is important to understand that just because I can see it, does not mean it can be produced as I see it in my head. I have spent time developing my skills to know what is achievable based on my visualizing and what will need to be adjusted for the essentially 2 dimensional worlds of print and web.

What’s with the bunny?

OK, its true, I don't look like my avi. My eyes are green and my ears are much smaller!

This is a graphic derived from a painting that I did for my show “Out of my Head” that graced the walls of the Robert Hunt Gallery in May of 2014. The painting now hangs in my office... and I just like the look of it, so, I am using it here to represent me. At least for now!

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